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Eurofire: About us

Where it all began: was created in January 2007 due to deadly boredom and was just a hobby at the very beginning with less than 100 visitors per month. We shared our impressions and personal opinions about the ongoing season of Eurovision. It changed dramatically after Eurovision in Helsinki with more than 35K visitors in May 2007. So we decided to made up a yearly reporting Eurovision website speaking of national selections, song presentations of former participants, focussing on Germany and Austria and made up postings about the rehearsals.

Over the years we became more serious by introducing interviews with contestants, live blogs from national selections, received mails from national broadcasters about their plans for Eurovision and developed an archive called 'Memories' about the past decades of Eurovision. In 2010 Lena won the contest with 'Satellite', the biggest thing in our ten years recap of history. Shortly before Dusseldorf 2011 we started a collaboration with our Czech partner site In 2015 our digital host shut down and we went on to Blogspot, creating a new Eurovision platform were you are very welcome to subscribe and left a comment under our postings.
2017 is marked as our 10th anniversary and we are not tired about Eurovision, quite the contrary... we would like to introduce new innovations, adding our annual Spotify playlist with our personal favourites in Eurovision and very soon we're about to start our Instagram account, showing you 'Eurofire backstage' with everything behind the scenes that shares our Eurovision passion. Feel free to join our community :)

Hamburg, 2017-05-25

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